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Are there any HELP videos to help me get started?

Yes, we have. Please go through below ideas to know how you can benefit. If they are not sufficient, contact our support. support@tutorsweb.com

If you are a student, click here.

If you are a tutor, click here.

If you are an institute, click here.

How do I enroll as a Tutor?

Click on Sign Up on Home Page.

On the next page, click on Sign up as Tutor

Enter your personal details and write descriptive message about your education and teaching experience to make your profile attractive for students.

Click on Next

Select minimum three categories that matches your skills and tutoring interest

Click on Next

Enter details about your education and other important professional information

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Enter details about your Work experience

Review the information entered in different sections. If you do not intend to make any changes, Click on Submit

Are all courses 1-to-1?

No, but most of them are. We also have self learned courses and FREE courses.

Which computer equipment or browser do I need?

You will need a reasonably reliable Internet connection to access course resources and to watch (or download) lecture videos. All modern computers should work fine on our platform, although we recommend at least 1 GB of memory/RAM. We support the following web browsers:

Google Chrome (newest version). Note: Ubuntu users may have to install the chromium-codecs- ffmpeg-extra package to make the videos work in Chromium.

Firefox (23+)

Safari (6.0+)

Internet Explorer (9+)

If you are using an older browser, please update your browser to avoid technical problems!

Can I register for one course only or take up multiple courses?

You can enroll for more than one course at a time. But you need to ensure you can allocate adequate time for each course as per your convenience.

How much does online course cost?

The pricing varies as per course and tutor. Some tutors may charge more for a course while some may charge less for same course depending on the quality of content. It is advised that the choice be made after careful assessment of reviews and completion of the FREE demo class.


Happy USERS say

  • Srinivas Aki Tutor
    Srinivas Aki Tutor

    TutorsWeb provides intelligent learning tools to enrich one's knowledge. While one-to- one learning will give the answers for all questions about the topic. A little exploration and self learning through tools will only expand horizons of knowledge.


    I liked the option of requesting for demos. Watching Demos is a good way to ascertain if the topic and content meets your requirements. Demos can be requested from Tutors before enrolling for the course to see the quality of content and the trainer.

  • Chloe Levis STUDENT
    Chloe Levis STUDENT

    I started loving TutorsWeb!

    Lianzalal Vaiphei TUTOR
    Lianzalal Vaiphei TUTOR

    Online tutoring brings satisfaction of delivering knowledge to brightest minds eager to learn. It also helps to get monetary rewards that supplement the income. TutorsWeb gives the complete freedom about the topics and how they can be taught to students.

  • Memo Schulz TUTOR
    Memo Schulz TUTOR

    The biggest success for a teacher is his student’s success. TutorsWeb patronizes one-to-one teaching so that you get an opportunity to understand the learner the better way and you inspire student for optimal success.

    Valeria Luganskaya STUDENT
    Valeria Luganskaya STUDENT

    The features are great. Hope to see more features to give more power to the learning community.