Are there any HELP videos to help me get started?

Yes, we have. Please go through below ideas to know how you can benefit. If they are not sufficient, contact our support.

If you are a student, click here.

If you are a tutor, click here.

If you are an institute, click here.

What is the registration fee?

There is no registration fee at TutorsWeb. You only pay for the online courses you enroll at the website.

How to find tutors for my subject?

Login into your TutorsWeb account

Use the search feature to find classes for the subject

You will get list of tutors who offer classes for the subject

Click on the desired tutor to know more about him/her and the classes timings available

How do I contact specific tutor?

After finding desired tutor for the subject, you can initiate communication with the tutor and request teaching for the subject. You can mention the convenient time slots you want in your communication.

How do I enroll for classes?

Log in into your TutorsWeb account.

Search for topic/subject of your interest.

You are presented with courses available that matches your requirement.

Click on desired course to know more about. In detailed information page, you can know the topics covered, number of current sessions and number of students who have successfully completed the course

Click on Available Sessions to know more about available timings and dates

Select any convenient batch for learning

Click on Request

Your tutor will be notified about your interest in his/her course. Once your request is accepted, you can make the payment and get access to study material before the scheduled online classes.

How do I enroll as a Tutor?

Click on Sign Up on Home Page.

On the next page, click on Sign up as Tutor

Enter your personal details and write descriptive message about your education and teaching experience to make your profile attractive for students.

Click on Next

Select minimum three categories that matches your skills and tutoring interest

Click on Next

Enter details about your education and other important professional information

Click on Next

Enter details about your Work experience

Review the information entered in different sections. If you do not intend to make any changes, Click on Submit

Do I have to be tech savvy to take online classes?

It’s helpful to know about computers and Smartphone. If you plan to enroll for online classes you need to be bit tech savvy and comfortable about performing online activities like sending and receiving information, communicate with others and research.

How is the online classroom?

Online classroom is a virtual setup where you and the tutor has access to advanced tools that allow you to communicate, share screens, send and receive information instantly.

Are all courses 1-to-1?

No, but most of them are. We also have self learned courses and FREE courses.

Which computer equipment or browser do I need?

You will need a reasonably reliable Internet connection to access course resources and to watch (or download) lecture videos. All modern computers should work fine on our platform, although we recommend at least 1 GB of memory/RAM. We support the following web browsers:

Google Chrome (newest version). Note: Ubuntu users may have to install the chromium-codecs- ffmpeg-extra package to make the videos work in Chromium.

Firefox (23+)

Safari (6.0+)

Internet Explorer (9+)

If you are using an older browser, please update your browser to avoid technical problems!

Can I register for one course only or take up multiple courses?

You can enroll for more than one course at a time. But you need to ensure you can allocate adequate time for each course as per your convenience.

How much does online course cost?

The pricing varies as per course and tutor. Some tutors may charge more for a course while some may charge less for same course depending on the quality of content. It is advised that the choice be made after careful assessment of reviews and completion of the FREE demo class.

How does a demo help?

A demo about the topic will give you an idea about tutor’s expertise about the subject while the study material will give you an idea about the content of the course. TutorsWeb allows students to request for demos from tutors which will help student to take an informed decision before joining any course.

Can I access the course content after a course ends?

Often, yes, but it will depend on the specific policies applied by the course instructor and university. Many course sessions remain live on our site after they finish, and if you are enrolled in the course you will still be able to access all of the materials. If the course is scheduled for a repeat session, however, the course staff may restrict access to past sessions to avoid academic integrity issues (i.e., to prevent students from accessing assignments and solutions in the old session). If you would like to ask the instructor and course staff to leave the materials online after the end of the course, you can post your request in the course forums.

Can I share my username and password with others?

No. you should not share your TutorWeb’s login credentials with other person. Every individual need to register on the site to participate in online course or access academic content listed on the website.

Will there be a virtual instructor or a teaching assistant?

At TutorsWeb we promote 1-to-1 learning using modern technology. In this learning setup, you interact with a real tutor just like in your classroom. The only difference is you and tutor are not in the same room but still your tutor can listen, see, understand and answer your queries almost instantly like in a real classroom. However there is an option of enrolling to self learned courses as well. Contact support for more information.

What if I am not satisfied with the teaching method or content of the course after some time?

All lessons developed by tutors are checked for credibility. However, if you are not satisfied with the way of teaching or the lessons you can claim a refund. Refunds requests will be only entertained before 15%-25% completion of the course. You need to initiate a refund request from your account and we will communicate and process your request as per our refund guidelines. Please contact support for more information.

Which payment modes are supported?

We support all payment modes which includes wire transfer, debit/card payment, PayPal and cheque payment.

When can I start the course I paid for?

The timings and duration of the course are decided by the tutor and the student. The enrollment for the course only happens when both parties agree to a time slot. The course start date, course duration and course end date are finalized while enrolling for the course before you make the payment.